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Two-way Radio Rentals

Pro Comm Inc. has portable radios and accessories available for short-term or long-term rental. Keep your special event and local teams organized this year. If you need on-site communications for annual or periodic events, and you do not want equipment being stored or lost, the smart thing to do is rent.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Low Cost Per Radio
  • Rugged, durable radios
  • No FCC License or Radios to keep and store
    Ever have a radio and other people talking on your channel? Go exclusive with Pro Comm Inc!
  • Privacy
    Our licensed channels are guaranteed to be clear and private. If not, we will change it to another licensed channel immediately. No lost time during your special event.
  • Accessories
    You expect to get chargers, batteries, antennas and belt clips with your radio, but do you need speaker microphones, ear pieces, or headsets? We have them. How about a base unit for the main tent or coordinator’s office? We have that too!
  • Customer Support
    As an authorized Motorola Service Partner, we also have the technical staff to install and service our radios. We are here when you need us.