Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Two Way Radio Repeaters for Business and Enterprise in the Greater Michigan Area

Your two-way radios connect your employees to get the job done safely and efficiently. Ensure your radios have a quality infrastructure to maximize communication while improving clarity and network security.

Motorola Indoor Repeaters

Dead zones occur, especially in the often-missed corners of your warehouse. Ensure reliable communication with indoor Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Repeaters. A selection of the Motorola repeater line includes:
  • MOTOTRBO DR 3000 and MTR3000 Repeaters. This solution allows your business to scale communications alongside business growth and eases the transition from analog to digital radio systems. Allowing more frequency than a compact option, the DR3000 and MTR3000 are the perfect middle ground between large-scale and portable repeaters.
  • Motorola RPX Repeater. This option still makes a significant impact when it comes to coverage, even in dead zones. Due to the compact design, this Motorola radio repeater can be taken anywhere. Coverage can be extended indoors and outdoors, which is a particularly useful capability in a dynamic work environment.
  • MOTOTRBO SLR 8000 Base Station Repeater. This option offers powerful trunking abilities, with one of the widest frequency ranges among Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Repeaters available in the Greater Michigan Area. This option, though not portable, remains optimized for your workplace.
Browse the Repeaters Product Catalog and find a solution matched to your business needs.

Motorola Outdoor Repeaters

Not all geographical locations receive the same network coverage, meaning your important communications could be missed if you don’t have the right Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Repeater to extend reach throughout your Greater Michigan Area business.

  • P25 Cabinet Repeater. Available in an outdoor enclosure, this device seamlessly integrates with Motorola mobile radios. Battery backup is also available for this solution.
  • SLR 1000 Repeater. This Motorola radio repeater was built for use both indoors and out, and it improves communications in dead zones and remote locations. This option offers energy and space efficiency, as well as dust and water protection.
  • MOTOTRBO SLR 5500 Repeater. This versatile Motorola radio repeater offers clear voice quality in the harshest conditions and broadens the reach of your team’s radio communications to every corner of your workplace. This option can be expanded in the future, should your business grow.
Increase the capacity of your team communications with a Motorola MOTOTRBO Repeater. Enhanced voice communications increase efficiency and workplace safety. Browse the Repeaters Product Catalog and find a solution matched to your business needs, and to discover the right system for your Greater Michigan Area business or request a quote to get started!

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Two Way Radio Systems for Business and Enterprise in the Greater Michigan Area

Our radio and wireless products give you innovative, easy-to-operate, and budget-friendly solutions for your business needs. Whether you have a small company or large corporation, our staff at Pro Comm Inc. are dedicated to helping you find the right equipment for your operation.
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Motorola MOTOTRBO Nitro

Motorola MOTOTRBO Nitro provides you with a lightning-fast, private broadband network. It’s designed to handle complex commercial operations, including security, productivity, warehouse ticketing, and service apps. By adding Nitro to your current setup, you’ll be in control of a secure solution that’s perfectly tailored to your operation. All of your devices will be supported, including radios, smartphones, and handsets.

Our Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio Systems team will ensure that your business has secure, enterprise-grade broadband with consumer-grade usability.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Capacity Max

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max systems are built on a centralized control network. They offer the maximum amount of coverage, capacity, and control so that you can manage your fleet across large or multiple sites.

Designed for high performance, efficiency, and scalability, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max delivers better collaboration and safety to your business. You’ll have complete control over your system configuration, so it’s optimized for your employees and business needs.

Motorola Capacity Plus

For single-site digital trunking, Motorola Capacity Plus systems enable voice and data communication for up to 1,000 users at the same location. These systems utilize Motorola innovation to pool radio resources and allocate them efficiently.

As your company grows larger, Motorola Capacity Plus helps to keep your productivity levels at their peak. Our cost-effective Motorola Radio Systems in the Greater Michigan Area will allow you to expand your reach, so that your workers can stay connected instantly, clearly, and continuously.

Motorola MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect systems provide a repeater at multiple sites to give you excellent coverage by linking them all through an IP network. It’s a simple, low-cost way to give your business a distributed radio network.

Automatic roaming and wide area coverage allow you to enhance communications on all of your sites without the need for manual intervention. MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect enables you to extend voice and data communication for your workforce so that you can meet your productivity and customer service levels.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Conventional Repeater

The Motorola MOTOTRBO Conventional Repeater delivers high-performance, high-reliability two-way radio service with all of the features you need to connect every area of your workplace. View our Product Catalog Repeaters for more information.

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Two Way Radio Software for Business and Enterprise in the Greater Michigan Area

To complement the MOTOTRBO portfolio of digital two-way radio systems, Motorola has partnered with premium developers across the industry to provide you with a wide selection of exclusive software applications to enhance your operational efficiency and safety.
Our Motorola MOTOTRBO Applications in the Greater Michigan Area deliver a variety of products that are easy-to-use, cost-effective, and turn complex functions into manageable systems.

Messaging Solutions

Our solutions enable teams in fire and emergency, medical services, oil and gas, and logistics sectors to seamlessly connect their workforce and efficiently relay critical information in real time. Our software connects to any location and messaging server, runs on common operating platforms, and can be established on any network.

After our Motorola Digital Radio Software Applications Greater Michigan Area support team helps set up your messaging solution, you’ll be able to improve field communications, allocate resources more efficiently, streamline work, and improve customer service.

Alarm & Telemetry

MOTOTRBO software applications provide a bridge between hardware and operations in equipment and systems. When textual information and instrument readings are crucial in an emergency, MOTOTRBO alarm and telemetry applications deliver results in real time to your portable radios, PCs, and smartphones.

With added security and monitoring, the alarm and telemetry applications offer reliable connectivity so that unplanned downtime is significantly reduced. Your workers will be able to make better-informed decisions that positively impact quality, productivity, and profitability.

Workforce Efficiency & Safety

With new workers entering operations each year, safety for employees and customers becomes more challenging as these individuals adjust to your culture and climate. Implementing safety standards with software applications will help your company improve safety protocols and compliance. Our seamless communications solutions help to pre-empt potential hazards and have flexible emergency alert capabilities, enabling workers to immediately notify response teams. We would be happy to answer any further questions you might have about the advantages of Motorola MOTOTRBO Applications in the Greater Michigan Area and how they can be integrated into your business structure. Contact us today!

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