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  • Motorola NICE Inform-Lite

Motorola NICE Inform-Lite

Comprehensive suite of integrated incident information management applications

NICE Inform offers the most comprehensive suite of integrated incident information management applications to enable public safety agencies, transportation control centers and utilities to effectively record, manage and deliver valuable insights. NICE Inform captures multimedia communications and helps you manage, synchronize and place all incidents into context – saving you time, money and resources while ensuring quality and compliance.

  • Advanced Audio Analytics

    Easily search on spoken keywords and phrases across all calls to quickly find additional calls related to incidents to uncover evidence to expedite investigations. Additionally, benefit from automated call categorization helps you detect errors and risks by continuously monitoring for identifying and group calls – based on the presence or absence of spoken words – into high risk categories such as “Abusive Language”, “Vulnerable Callers”, and “Improper Transfers”. 


  • Advanced Screen Capture Recording

    Capture and record all on-screen activities including audio across multiple operator workstations to reveal incident workflows ideal for training and compliance requirements.

  • Call Playback within Priority Dispatch AQUA and APCO 9-1-1 Adviser

    Save time and resources by conveniently searching for and playing back call and radio audio recordings related to cases of interest directly within the Priority Dispatch AQUA Evolution and APCO 9-1-1 Adviser 9-1-1 case review interfaces.

  • Customizable Quality Assurance Evaluation Forms

    Improve the efficiency and objectivity of evaluation with automated selection and scheduling of call recordings for review. Easily create customizeable Quality Assurance (QA) rating forms using a variety of questions types or start from the library of pre-built APCO / NENA forms. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and spreadsheet evaluation forms! Evaluate everything from a single call to complete multimedia incidents. 


  • Dashboards and Reporting

    Create customized dashboards to visualize the current status and trends of call volume data and quality assurance reports. Quickly and easily create visual customized reports to gain rapid insights into call patterns, staffing needs, knowledge gaps and training opportunitites.  


  • Incident Organization and Sharing

    Efficiently organize all recordings into secure folders with the ability to import additional media as needed. Visualize all information across the incident timeline and grant web-based access to authorized reviewers including prosecutors and investigators. Alternatively, you can quickly and easily send recordings via a secure, password-protected and fully functional NICE Inform Media Player. The NICE Inform Media Player ensures accuracy, authenticity and integrity of data while maintaining proper chain of custody.

  • Multimedia Communication Recording

    NICE Inform offers a simplifed and inutitive user interface to efficiently manage and quickly retrieve all recorded communications including radio transmissions, telephony calls, NG9-1-1 text messages, workstation screen video, and their associated metadata – across any number of networks including ASTRO 25, Next Generation 9-1-1, and many more.

  • Multimedia Incident Reconstruction

    Multimedia Incident Reconstruction consolidates all multimedia recordings including audio, video, text and other types of information recorded by NICE Recording Platform – into a single synchronized timeline for true incident reconstruction and playback.

  • UNS Interface to the ASTRO 25 Radio Network

    Capture location information with each radio recording and plot radio positions graphically on a map.

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