FCC Licensing for Business and Enterprise in the Greater Michigan Area

When your company uses two-way radio communication, it’s imperative that you remain in compliance with FFC licensing and regulatory guidelines. We can assist with all of your requirements for FFC licensing in the Greater Michigan Area, no matter where you’ve purchased your wireless communications equipment.

Why Do You Need FCC Licensing?

FCC licensing ensures that the channel frequencies assigned to your organization or company aren’t in conflict with other channels in the area where you do business. When FCC licensing is ignored, channels can overlap, with the FCC stepping in to impose not only fines but also a cease-and-desist order that can interrupt business for all parties involved.

FCC Licensing in the Greater Michigan Area

Here at Pro Comm Inc., we fully understand the importance of your FCC license. With our experience and knowledge, we’ll help you complete the forms and fully understand the requirements, modifications, and renewal of your FCC license. We will help determine which frequencies are available, whether you’re applying for a new license or are renewing an existing license and want to add more frequencies. Pro Comm Inc. will also help you modify your existing licensing information as your business grows or if you change location. We will help file your FCC license in the Greater Michigan Area as well as assist you in any upcoming construction notifications.

Expired FCC License

Your FCC license is valid for 10 years. Most licensing companies will send you a notification a few months before expiry. We take all the pressure off when you receive notice of the upcoming expiry date. Simply contact us, and we’ll take care of the paperwork for you.

Renewed FCC License

After receiving your new FCC license, you’ll need to submit the license to the FCC to inform them of this action. We can assist with this process as well. Contact us with any notices, and we will submit the necessary forms to the FCC for you.


As of January 1, 2013, all business industrial and public safety two-way radio systems are under compliance to operate at 12.5 kHz of technology for channel efficiency. To do this, businesses are required to either buy new equipment or update existing equipment, in addition to removing any old channel wideband from their FCC license.

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