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  • Motorola NiceLog Recorder

Motorola NiceLog Recorder

The high density NiceLog® platform provides medium to large command and control centers with a complete, reliable and robust recording solution for the capture, analysis, reconstruction and distribution of critical communications. NiceLog offers an easy-to-use solution for audio and data recording and analysis, so your dispatch center can gain insights from numerous interactions with the public..

  • Data protection
    Hot swap components, parallel archiving and advanced security features protect critical data.
  • Easy retrieval and playback
    Simple yet powerful search, replay and incident reconstruction through Scenario Replay, allowing you to re-create complex scenarios including radio transmissions replayed alongside telephone calls.
  • High channel capacity
    Up to 192 digital/analog input channels and 480 channels for trunk-side recording.
  • High storage capacity
    G723.1 audio compression for up to 80,900 channel-hours of online storage.
Performance Characteristics


  • Radio recording
    Conventional analog, Trunked analog
  • Telephony recording
    Analog, Digital, Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Channel capacity
    Up to 192 digital / analog channels, Up to 480 E1/T1 trunks
  • Integrated ANI ALI support
  • Playback
    Scenario Replay


  • Hot swap power supply
  • Parallel archiving mode
  • Hot swap RAID 1 (internal)
    25,400 hrs at 5.3 kb/p
  • Hot swap RAID 5


  • On-line storage
    Up to 80,900 hrs
    216 GB (3 HDD) at 5.3 kb/s
  • Off-line storage
    Up to 36,800 hrs
    2 x AIT-2, 50 GB each at 5.3 kb/s
  • Archive options
    DVD, AIT-1, AIT-2, DDS-4
  • Compression
    5.3 kb/s (G.723.1), 8 kb/s (G.729A), 16 kb/s (ADPCM)

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