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  • Motorola IMPRES™ 2 Multi-Unit Charger

Motorola IMPRES™ 2 Multi-Unit Charger

Model Number:  PMPN4498A

This product has been discontinued

IMPRES™2 Multi-Unit Charger, 120VAC. Charge up to six batteries simultaneously for more efficiency. Charge your battery by itself or while attached to the radio. IMPRES 2 allows you to charge IMPRES batteries up to 40% faster. Customize your charging to extend the life of batteries in storage. Manage your batteries more intelligently with enhanced diagnostics, so you get the most from each battery. Display for each pocket can provide key battery health parameters. Includes ability to condition batteries for long term storage. 6 USB-A ports to charge Bluetooth accessories. Supports next generation ultra high capacity battery cell technology.

Physical Characteristics
Weight (GM-Gram): 2400

Dimensions (MM-Millimeter): 285 (W) 245 (H) 500 (L)

Radio Weight w/o batteries (GM-Gram): –

Performance Characteristics

Number of Displays: 1

Number of Pockets: 6

Power Source: 100-240 VAC

Plug Type: US/NA

Technology: IMPRES™ 2


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