Custom Fleet Turn Key Vehicle Upfitting Solutions

Pro Comm’s Turn Key Vehicle Upfitting

When you have specific needs for your vehicles, you need an upfitting solution that takes you from start to finish with standards and safety you can trust. That’s where Pro Comm excels. Our team brings absolute professionalism to your vehicle upfitting. We care deeply about public safety, office safety, and team safety, and we know how critical it can be during the upfitting process.

You can count on Pro Comm to provide your vehicle upfitting safely and with exceptional workmanship standards. Request your quote.

Our turn key solutions are tailored to fit every individual customer’s needs. Our process has been explicitly designed to ensure that we are providing you with the utmost quality at every step, with mechanisms to ensure that we are always in line with safety standards. We provide a quality inspection from top to bottom before rendering the vehicle back to the customer.

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Pro comm’s Turn Key Vehicle Upfitting Process

Our proven process features the following phases:

1. Custom Design and Planning

We determine exactly what your vehicle needs and how to make it possible.

2. Implementation

We get to work turning our plan into action, with solutions custom-fit to your vehicle. 

3. Professional Installation

Our experts provide professional installation of every element of your design.

4. Testing

A critical step to ensuring that your solutions are functioning to the fullest.

5. Post-Installation Inspection & Maintenance

We always double-check our work to ensure that your vehicle is ready-to-go.


Pro Comm’s Turn Key Vehicle Upfitting Implementation

Thanks to Pro Comm’s innovative solutions and our exceptional leading partners, we are able to bring exciting vehicle upfitting innovations to our customers. We offer a wide range of solutions, including: 

Whelen, Havis Mounts, and D&R lead the way in providing our customers with fantastic features for their vehicles. From push bumpers and sirens to consoles and gun locks, we can prepare your vehicle for the important job it has to do.

Unlock new possibilities for your fleet with Pro Comm vehicle upfitting.


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